Dispatches from the Road- Montgomery

The E Pluribus Unum team had the privilege to visit Montgomery in late September for our first community visit. 

Montgomery, the state capital of Alabama, is known for its role as the birthplace of both the Confederacy and Civil Rights movement. It is a city deeply rooted in its history.


From the stop where Rosa Parks boarded the bus and sat silently in protest, to the Dexter Avenue.

King Memorial Baptist Church where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. preached his message of hope and brotherhood, there is history all around.

In every place we visit, we convene community members to listen and learn from their own personal experiences of race, equity, economic opportunity and violence in their communities.

What’s working?  What’s not?  Why?  What solutions can bring people together?  Where can we find common ground?


Just steps from the pulpit where Dr. King preached, we gathered in the Dexter King Memorial Legacy Center for our community listening session.  Black and white. Young and old. Gay and straight. Montgomerians came together to have tough and honest conversations about how we move forward together.

Montgomery is the first of over a dozen community visits we’ll host throughout the next several months.  We’ll then release a report on what we heard and found and a pathway forward. From there, E Pluribus Unum Fund will be developing programs and initiatives that seek to bring people of different races and backgrounds together around our shared values. Special thanks to the Southern Poverty Law Center for assisting our team throughout our time in Montgomery.