Do you live in the South, or are you interested in the South? Here are some resources for you to start exploring more about race, equity, policy, and leadership across the South.

Resources for Residents of the South

Conversations for an Equitable South: Conversations for an Equitable South brings together thinkers, activists, advocates, and leaders on the issues of race and equity in the American South. 

  • The Women Series: These conversations with women leaders focus on the roles of women in the fight for racial justice, especially white women and mothers.
  • The Racial Colorblind Series: These conversations provide a space to discuss the lasting impact racism has had on people and institutions. 
  • The Bold Leadership Series: These conversations focus on what bold leadership looks like, both locally and in the corporate sector.

Truth. Action. Reconciliation Series: These conversations ask some of our country’s brightest minds and most effective leaders to share insights and learning. How did we get to where we currently are on criminal justice, health equity, economic opportunity, and democracy? And how do we create an America that is worthy of her promise?

Divided by Design: Mitch Landrieu and advocates, historians, and experts help us better understand what systemic racism looks like in America today.

Hometown Heroes: Conversations with people from the South asking what they love most about their hometown.

The Power of Storytelling Partnership: A narrative project illustrating how storytelling can be used to unite people and create positive social change around issues of racial equity. Captured at the 50th Anniversary of the National Storytelling Festival, it shares wisdom from some of the South’s greatest professional storytellers.