Brandy Farrar, M.S., Ph.D.

Principal Research Associate, IMPAQ International

Brandy Farrar, M.S., Ph.D., is an expert qualitative researcher with over 15 years of experience skillfully collecting and analyzing data to elicit actionable research findings that help clients and their target audiences meet their goals. As a sociologist specializing in the intersection between individual-level social psychology and system-level structures and processes, particularly as it relates to inequality, Dr. Farrar has a broad theoretical foundation that enhances her ability to excel on projects targeting several subject matter areas. For example, she has designed, managed, and executed projects that collected data from health organizations, county, state and federal government agencies, educational institutions, community organizations, and laypersons. Dr. Farrar’s subject matter expertise is primarily in monitoring, implementing, and evaluating the effectiveness, viability, and impact of innovative programs designed to improve the quality of, access to, and capacity of healthcare services. Examples of the policy and program topics Dr. Farrar has studied include: COVID-19 amongst vulnerable populations; healthcare workforce; Medicaid demonstrations; health insurance marketplaces; innovative Medicare payment models; primary care physicians’ adoption and meaningful use of electronic medical records; and strategies for improving maternal and child health.