Public Opinion Research to Guide the Path Forward

Since our launch, we’ve initiated several surveys and research reports to better identify where inequities exist, their structural cause, and the environments and conditions that perpetuate those inequities. Through our research, we’ve heard from individuals in diverse parts of the region, geographically, demographically, and culturally.

After hitting the road in 2018 and visiting 28 communities across 13 states, we released Divided By Design: Findings from the American South. The data we gathered, plus our existing knowledge, resulted in 15 insights across three main categories. These insights are impactful, are supported by third-party data, and can be backed up with context from real-life conversations we’ve had along our travels.

E Pluribus Unum also conducts ongoing public opinion research to track attitudes on race, class, and equity, as well as pertinent national issues and policies. The annual Survey of the South includes a large sample of 1800 individuals (600 Black respondents, Latino respondents, and white respondents).

Survey of the South



Divided by Design