Part of EPU’s threefold mission is to highlight and change narratives that perpetuate systemic and interpersonal racism in order to shift people’s attitudes and behaviors. Because it is often uncomfortable or difficult for many people to openly and honestly discuss the impacts of racist systems and actions, too many people lack an understanding of the scale of racism in America. People must be able to talk productively about racism and inequity in order to create change. You cannot change what you do not acknowledge. Until we can do that, scholars argue that racism will continue to persist and further erode our democracy. EPU will continue to create space to discuss the lasting impact racism has on people and institutions and, as a result, move with the intention of creating racial equity.

Our narrative work focuses on empowering storytelling that highlights the impacts of racial injustice in our institutions; to provide fuller context needed to ensure that our full and accurate racial history is told, and not whitewashed because it is inconvenient or too difficult to acknowledge. At the same time, we will amplify stories that showcase the strength of our diversity, our shared common ground, and the value of ultimately fulfilling the promise of America.

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