Nichole Argo

Dr. Nichole Argo is the Founder and Director of Research at the TogetherUp Institute, a consulting firm that leverages the science of social and behavioral psychology to: 1) advise, speak on, and provide trainings related to belonging and communication/conflict transformation skills, and 2) provide research (surveys, focus groups, audience segmentation), messaging and program strategies, and impact frameworks for air-game and ground-game campaigns or interventions relating to diversity, belonging, bridge building, democracy, and countering polarization and hate.

Dr. Argo has long worked at the intersection of science and practice. From 2018-2024, she served as the Director of Research at Over Zero, a nonprofit working with leaders to build resilience to identity-based division and violence. Prior to that, she led research/implementation teams on national and international projects, such as: the unrolling of the process in Rwanda; messaging and outreach related to HIV-prevention in Kenya; the efficacy of a paralegal program for tribal leaders in South Africa; and, the motivations for political violence in Israeli, the West Bank, and Gaza. Starting in 2022, to help address growing division and distrust throughout the US, Dr. Argo piloted the Needham Resilience Network, a municipal leadership model designed to bridge local silos, tool diverse leaders in skills to communicate across difference, and provide a process for co-creating inclusive solutions to local problems.

Her recent publications include:The Belonging Barometer: The State of Belonging in the US, The Science of Polarization and Insights for Bridge Building, and several essays on how to communicate across differences that involve sacred values. Nichole sits on the Permanent Monitoring Panel for Conflict and Polarization at the World Federation of Scientists. She has published in leading political science and psychology journals and holds degrees from Stanford, MIT, and the New School for Social Research.