Accelerating Change to Create Equal Access to Opportunity

The stark reality of racial inequity is more apparent now than at any point in recent history. Not since the 1960s has the nation’s collective attention been focused so squarely on this one issue. 

Leaders from every level are trying to understand our nation’s collective failure to fully address the long-standing issues of police brutality, rampant poverty, the racial wealth gap, and deeply entrenched healthcare inequities.

The urgency to tackle these issues head-on is evident in the protests that are gripping the nation, the more strident rhetoric of policymakers, and the flood of reform-oriented bills proposed in legislatures and municipalities across the country.   

We’re seeing old ideas being dusted off and cleaned up for a new audience. And, new ideas are gaining traction that would have been unfathomable just one year ago.  Leaders and activists are thinking big and looking for ideas that can move the needle farther and faster than we ever have as a nation.  

Leaders are in need of not only ideas, but data and research to support those ideas. They want to know the “how” behind an idea – Does this idea have any chance of success? Where does a community start? Has this been done before? Who do we need to partner with? 

That’s why we’re working to accelerate change to create equal access to opportunity, justice, and democracy at the local, state, and federal levels.

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