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Our goal is to empower you to go from big ideas to implementation of policy and legislation

Toolkit Overview

Welcome to the EPU Toolkits. Our goal here is to empower you—and make it easier for you—to go from having a big idea to implementation of policy and legislation.

But how? 

Here, you’ll find recent examples of policy measures enacted throughout the South. We’ve gone behind the scenes to:

  • Outline the steps required
  • Identify the best practices used
  • Capture the lessons learned
  • Share the equity lens applied

We hope these toolkits offer you tactical inspiration for how you could get started on your courageous policy change.

HBCU Financing Toolkit

Exception to Slavery Toolkit

Empowering Marginalized Communities Toolkit

Next Steps

Does one of these toolkits address an issue area or type of policy you want to move forward in your state or city? These toolkits are only one of the many resources EPU offers in fulfillment of our mission to build a more just, equitable, and inclusive South. At EPU we want to create pathways for change. Whether you are a mayor with an idea who needs help getting started, or a legislator seeking to make change, or an organization seeking to create equity-focused policy, EPU is here to help you.

EPU is available to talk through your idea, think through the resources you may need, support you in creating equity in your community. Please reach out to info@unumfund.org

EPU Offerings

Do you have an idea that you want to see move forward and implemented as policy? Do you lack time, staff, or resources to get moving, keep moving, or get unstuck?

You are not alone. At EPU, we are committed to providing you with free, expert support at each policymaking and legislative step.

Here are some of the ways EPU can help: