Toolkit Overview

EPU Toolkits enable people to go from a big idea to implementation of policy change by offering step-by-step guides and case studies of policy measures enacted throughout the South. This includes:

  • Outlining the steps required
  • Identifying the best practices used
  • Capturing the lessons learned
  • Sharing the equity lens applied

We hope these toolkits offer tactical inspiration to get started on courageous policy change.

Securing State-Matching Funds for Historically Black Land-Grant Institutions

Removing the Exception to Slavery from a State Constitution

Empowering Marginalized Community Members to Start Their Own Businesses

Empowering People Convicted of Felonies To Vote

Creating A Bench Warrant Resolution Court

What Comes Next?

EPU’s mission is to build a more just, equitable, and inclusive South, uprooting barriers that have long divided the region by race and class. We believe our cities and towns will only thrive if they find a way to unite around a common purpose.

In fulfillment of our mission, EPU serves as a resource serves as to community leaders, policymakers, and advocates taking actionable steps to accelerate positive change. Here are ways you can contact us.