Mitch Landrieu headshot

Mitch Landrieu

Founder & Former President

Mitch Landrieu is an American Politician, Lawyer, author, speaker, nonprofit leader, and CNN political commentator. He served as the 61st Mayor of New Orleans (2010-2018)…

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Stacy Austad headshot

Stacy Austad

Executive Assistant

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Kia Bickham

Kia Bickham

Director, Engagement

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Donnie Charleston headshot

Donnie Charleston

Director, Policy & Advocacy

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Lee Davis headshot

Lee Davis

Scott Hutchenson headshot

Scott Hutcheson

Managing Director

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Jessica Guinn Johnson headshot

Jessica Guinn Johnson

Manager of Government Affairs

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Shauna Lewis headshot

Shauna Lewis

Community Engagement Manager

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Madeleine McLain headshot

Madeleine McLain

Lauren Richard headshot

Lauren Richard

Deputy Director, Narrative and Partnerships

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Amanda Simpkins

Amanda Simpkins

Deputy Director, Programs

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Kristal Swim headshot

Kristal Swim

Director of Communications

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