Special Newsletter – May 29, 2020

This week, our country passed an unfortunate and grim marker--100,000 counted deaths due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As the numbers have grown each passing day and week, we have yet to fully mourn all that we are losing. These are our neighbors, family members, and coworkers. In most instances, family and friends have been unable to appropriately grieve and remember loved ones lost.

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Weekly Newsletter – May 5, 2020

As officials begin the process of trimming their budgets, reducing services, and furloughing employees, they must do so with the careful application of a racial equity lens or they may only worsen the inequities that this pandemic has laid bare. Some key questions to ask when making equitable decisions are: Who benefits? Who is burdened? Who is missing? How do we know?

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Weekly Newsletter – April 29, 2020

The impacts of COVID-19 have made information essential to our daily lives on a scale we have not seen before. Something positive we can take from all of this news is the long overdue narrative we are seeing for frontline workers. Doctors, nurses, janitors, caregivers, law enforcement officers, grocery clerks, mail carriers, and delivery drivers have all been justifiably lifted up as heroes, and we are learning about their stories. It shows that when a true narrative is told, we can do better.

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2020 U.S. Census: We can’t afford to overlook its importance

A census form takes only a few minutes to complete but impacts funding and political representation for an entire decade. It’s a simple act of democracy with a lingering impact, so although the COVID-19 pandemic has diverted attention and resources, we can’t afford to overlook the importance of the 2020 Census – or the important work that’s needed to ensure that it provides a fair and accurate count of people living in America.

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Direct local funding must be prioritized for our towns and cities

While most of the country remains focused on continuing to increase testing, tracing and treatment capacity in order to restore local economies, state and local leaders are beginning to have to confront a new set of challenges related to their own government budgets.

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Ensure that Economic Impact Payments are Getting to All Eligible Americans

On what is normally Tax Day, we want to bring attention to the importance for COVID-19 economic stimulus payments to reach the most in-need low-income Americans, many of whom aren't required to file tax returns annually which makes it harder to receive this necessary assistance.

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All Southern States Must Fully Implement Mail Voting Measures Now

Mail voting is the best method to comply with social distancing protocols, increase voter turnout, and is a system less susceptible to foreign interference. But as a number of states remain unprepared to handle the influx of mailed-in ballots, a robust campaign of misinformation is challenging effective state mitigation measures and threatening millions of voters’ ability to cast a ballot.

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