In July, E Pluribus Unum is hosting a multi-part series of conversations that bring together our country’s greatest thinkers, activists and leaders on race and equity. We seek to use this moment to confront the systems that have divided us for generations. The focus of the series will be truth, action and reconciliation–ultimately, putting forward a vision for essential systemic reforms to shape long-term change, with the value of racial and economic equity at its core.  

We’re breaking up the discussions to do deep yet digestible dives into our past, starting with “truth” and our history. How did we get to where we currently are on criminal justice, health equity, economic opportunity and democracy?

Join us each Thursday at
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as we explore how to Leverage this moment in history to make lasting change. 



the TRUTH series: How we got here

Criminal Justice 

Thursday, July 16, 2020
2:30 pm ET / 1:30 pm CT

The brutal death of George Floyd has rightly trained our eyes on systemic racism and bias in our criminal justice system, as well as the long history of law enforcement’s excessive use of force, which has most often been used to oppress Black Americans in this country. Further, the United States incarcerates a greater share of its population than any other nation in the world, with a disproportionate impact on Black families. Throughout our history, policing and incarceration have been weaponized to oppress Black Americans and other communities resulting in disparate levels of freedom and equality.  Join us as we explore how we got here–from the “slave patrol” through Jim Crow era policies to policing’s evolution the last few decades. 



Commissioner Charles H. RAmsey

Retired Police Commissioner, Philadelphia Police Department

Former Co-Chair, President Obama’s 21st Century Policing Task Force

Learn more about Charles H. Ramsey.


Commissioner Michael Harrison

Police Commissioner, Baltimore Police Department

Learn more about Michael Harrison.


Dr. Khalil Gibran Muhammad

Professor of History, Race and Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School

Learn more about Dr. Khalil Gibran Muhammad.



Founder and President, E Pluribus Unum

Former Mayor, City of New Orleans

Learn more about the Hon. Mitch Landrieu.


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