Now, we have started the “Action” Series, posing the question: knowing what we know, how do we move forward to build stronger, more equitable communities for all of us?

Join us for our second conversation in the “Action” Series as we explore real solutions for lasting change within the American criminal justice system.




Criminal Justice

Thursday, September 24, 2020 
2:30 pm ET/1:30 pm CT

The brutal deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, the long history of law enforcement’s excessive use of force that is most often used to oppress Black Americans, and the systemic racism and bias that is often perpetuated in our criminal justice system have all sparked attention to historic injustices in our justice system.  Now that we better understand our history of the criminal justice system, what changes need to be made? Can our nation’s federal, regional, state and local leaders ensure that those who have found a voice in this time won’t lose momentum in this fight against institutional racism? What needs to be done and how will we redesign the criminal justice system?


Alec Karakatsanis (2).png

Alec Karakatsanis

Founder and Executive Director, Civil Rights Corps

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Nicole Porter

Director of Advocacy, The Sentencing Project

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Alanah Odoms.png

Alanah Odoms 

Executive Director, ACLU Louisiana

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In 2020, E Pluribus Unum is hosting a multi-part series of conversations that bring together our country’s greatest thinkers, activists and leaders on race and equity. We seek to use this moment to confront the systems that have divided us for generations. The focus of the series is truth, action and reconciliation–ultimately, putting forward a vision for essential systemic reforms to shape long-term change, with the value of racial and economic equity at its core.  

In July, we started with the “Truth” Series, reviewing the past and explaining how we got where we are on criminal justice, health equity, economic opportunity and democracy.