Comedy is a superpower, and racism is a crisis. So, what happens when we invite comedians to interrogate the taboos, make the uncomfortable truths funny, and invite people to laugh and think at the same time? We decided to find out.

In a new out-of-the-box project called #RacismIsNoJoke, EPU teamed up with the Center for Media & Social Impact (CMSI) for a Comedy ThinkTank, a CMSI co-creation workshop initiative that pairs professional comedians and social justice organizations to create entertaining comedy to spark public engagement in social issues. With a southern audience in mind, we also wanted to invite introspection into what it means to be “southern.”

The result is a series of eight social media videos that will be rolled out in the coming weeks. Southern comedians– Georgia native Corey Forrester and Mississippi native Jay Jurden– will explore and unpack complex issues, systemic racism, and what it means to be southern.

Check out the videos below.

A Message for Racism – Comedian Corey Forrester

Let’s Get Real Estate – Comedian Jay Jurden

Plea to White Women – Comedian Jay Jurden

The Hammer – Comedian Corey Forrester

My Dog Died – Comedian Corey Forrester f

I’m So Southern – Comedians Jay Jurden and Corey Forrester

Auntie Racist – Comedian Jay Jurden

Long Late Road – Comedian Jay Jurden

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