Aimee Adatto Freeman headshot

Aimee Adatto Freeman

Louisiana House of Representatives – District 98

Representative Aimee Adatto Freeman serves District 98 in New Orleans, Louisiana. She was elected in 2019 in a highly contested field of seven candidates. In addition to serving District 98 in the Louisiana Legislature, Aimee is a wife, mother, grandmother, active civic leader, Tulane adjunct professor, and strategic business consultant.  

During the three legislative sessions of 2020 and two legislative sessions of 2021, Rep. Freeman has passed multiple bills to serve the women and children of Louisiana. Her notable legislation includes Act 449 and Act 138 to end the Pink Tax on menstrual products and children and adult diapers. Her legislation also serves survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence, including Act 1 to allow survivors of sexual assault to break a lease early, Act 409 to reform college Title IX reporting, and Act 394 to allow victims of domestic violence to access temporary restraining orders. 

Aimee and her husband, West, have raised a blended family. They are lifelong New Orleanians who call the Carrollton neighborhood home. Aimee is dedicated to putting community and families first.