The Road to Recovery


Our collective road to recovery from COVID-19 is going to be long, but we will get there. And when we do, we need to be sure that our communities have thriving local economies: fully funded healthcare in case we get sick, schools that are not overcrowded, and programs for all our kids who need them. Overall, the 2020 Census will allocate more than $1.5 trillion annually through more than 300 federal programs that impact the lives of families everywhere. The programs run the gamut from funding for healthcare to programs that fund recreation activities and affordable housing. If our communities are not counted, we will have less power and resources. If we are not counted, we give others permission to count us out. 

That’s why E Pluribus Unum is partnering with Fair Count to encourage a fair and accurate census count throughout the American South. We see the potential for transformation and we are responding to this moment by empowering community members to get counted.



Fair Count founder Stacey Abrams and E Pluribus Unum founder Mitch Landrieu came together for a special conversation to launch the Census in the South: Road to Recovery virtual bus tour on September 1. In an effort to engage communities in increasing completion rates for this year’s census, Abrams and Landrieu discussed the importance of proper disaster preparation and how completing the census impacts vital community resources. Listen to their conversation by clicking the video to the left.


Join us as we kickoff our virtual bus tour, which will make a series of virtual stops over three weeks in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina, galvanizing public officials, faith leaders, and historically marginalized communities around the power of getting counted. 

For more information on the Census in the South: On the Road to Recovery virtual bus tour, visit


The 2020 Census has been challenged since the beginning. From fear regarding the proposed citizenship question, to massive pandemic interruptions within field operations, to, now, the shortest Nonresponse Followup (NRFU) in modern times, the accuracy of the count is at great risk. This is particularly true in the Deep South, where less civic infrastructure, waning governmental support, and higher COVID-19 infection rates threaten a much needed, accurate outcome. 

Without a major push, undercounted communities will get less than their real need and the ramifications will be felt nationwide as it would guarantee a crippled systemic response that would underfund schools, hospitals, and disaster recovery for years to come.


A census form takes only a few minutes to complete but impacts funding and political representation for an entire decade. It’s a simple act of democracy with a lingering impact. Completing the 2020 Census will also enhance COVID-19 recovery efforts by ensuring an accurate count of community members and reducing the chance of census takers arriving at your home. 

Every home in the United States will receive an invitation to participate in the 2020 Census in the mail. You will have three options for responding:




Respondents can access the census at The form will be available in 13 languages, which you can select at the top and bottom of the webpage. 



Completing your census form by phone is an option for everyone. You can call toll free at 1-844-330-2020



You can complete the form and return it by mail. Paper forms are available in english and spanish.

Census in the South is created by E Pluribus Unum in partnership with: