John Delaney

U.S. Representative, Maryland




Racial Wealth Gap

John Delaney addresses the racial wealth gap in his “Plan for Economic Opportunity”. His plan will:

  • “Give priority in government contracting to companies with a majority of employees located in economically struggling communities.”

  • “Create a new Workers’ Tax Credit by expanding and nearly doubling the Earned Income Tax Credit.” 

  • “Support opportunity zones, which encourage private investment in distressed communities by providing tax incentives on certain long-term investments.” 

Delaney’s plan for living wage will “raise the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour over time.“

Delaney’s “Plan for Encouraging Entrepreneurship” will “create policies to encourage entrepreneurship in rural and urban communities that have been left behind by venture capital investment.”

Delaney’s “Cities Fair Deal Plan to Revitalize Urban Communities” will:

  • “Ensure minority entrepreneurs have access to capital (an example is to create a new SBIC program to encourage entrepreneurship and focus venture capital investment to distressed communities).”

  • “Provide federal funding through a new grant program for business incubators and accelerators at HBCUs.”

Affordable Housing

John Delaney addresses affordable housing in his “Plan for Affordable Housing”. His plan will:

  • “Increase funding for the HTF to a minimum of $7 billion annually, a greater than 25-fold increase over the HTF funding level in 2019.”

  • “Create a new annual $5 billion affordable housing grant program that provides additional funding to housing agencies in states and municipalities that remove zoning restrictions that limit the construction of affordable multifamily housing.”

  • “Create a right-to-counsel for eviction procedures and provide an annual $500 million in federal funding to secure legal representation for low-income renters.”

Access to High Quality Education

John Delaney addresses access to high quality education in his plan for education. His plan will:

  • Work to guarantee “Pre-K through 14 education (two-year community college or technical training).” 

  • “Reduce costs of student loans.”

  • “Provide more grants to help students from lower-income families.”

His “Cities Fair Deal Plan to Revitalize Urban Communities” will “increase funds to low-income schools through increases to Title I funding in addition to expanding federal grants for community-based programs focused on supporting and mentoring struggling students.”

Environmental Equity

John Delaney addresses environmental equity in “John Delaney’s Plan for Climate Corps”. The plan will:

  • Create “the Climate Corps as part of his National Service Program. The new program would provide opportunities for recent high school graduates to work in low-income urban and rural communities where the Corps members would support these communities’ transition to a green economy, work on environmentally friendly projects, and fight climate change by working on the ground.”

His plan for climate change will “provide the manpower and resources to support these communities and recognize that all Americans have a right to a clean, safe, and healthy environment.”

Health Equity

John Delaney addresses health equity in his “BetterCare” plan. His plan will provide “every American with a new public health care plan with no premiums, while preserving private insurance options.”

Transportation Access

John Delaney addresses transportation access in his $2 Trillion Infrastructure Plan. The plan will “create a $40 billion matching fund dedicated to projects in areas that have been left behind” to “encourage states to invest in the infrastructure needs of economically-distressed communities.”  

His “Cities Fair Deal Plan to Revitalize Urban Communities” will “create a dedicated federal fund to be spent on infrastructure projects in disadvantaged urban communities [that] will incentivize states to make the necessary investments in often overlooked areas.”


Bail/Prison Reform 

John Delaney addresses bail/prison reform in his “Plan for Criminal Justice Reform”. His plan will:

  • “End mandatory minimums.”

  • “Limit the use of solitary confinement in federal prisons.”

  • “Encourage alternatives to incarceration for certain nonviolent offenses and for offenders under the age of 18.”

  • “End or limit the use of money bail in the federal criminal justice system and encourage states to pursue similar reforms.”

  • “Increase federal support for recidivism reduction programs that have proven to be effective.”

  • “End for-profit prisons.” 

  • “Direct federal prosecutors to review past cases and identify and petition to expunge any records related to minor non-violent offenses like simple possession.”

Re-Entry Services

John Delaney addresses re-entry services in his “Plan for Criminal Justice Reform”. His plan will: 

  • “Automatically restore voting rights after a sentence has been served.” 

  • “Promote ban the box policies.”

Ending Capital Punishment

John Delaney addresses ending capital punishment in his “Plan for Criminal Justice Reform”. His plan will:

  • “End the death penalty.”

Expanding Gun Safety Measures

John Delaney addresses expanding gun safety measures in his “Plan for Gun Safety”. His plan will:

  • “Require background checks for every gun sale.” 

  • “Support legislation to codify a new regulation that bans all accessories designed to increase the rate of fire of a semiautomatic weapon, including bump stocks and trigger cranks.”

  • “Update the Violence Against Women Act to extend the ban on convicted domestic abusers buying firearms to cover non-spouse partners.”

  • “Ban high-capacity magazines.”

  • “Ensure that the government funds gun violence research.”

Improving Police-Community Relations 

John Delaney addresses improving police-community relations in his “Criminal Justice Reform” plan. His plan will:

  • “Provide federal funding for training and support for police officers designed to prevent racial profiling and encourage de-escalation.”

  • “Increase funding for the Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) program.”

  • “Ensure that police departments and first responders, particularly those who serve in areas with high crime rates, have the funding and support that they need.”

  • “Restore the Department of Justice’s authority to intervene in local police departments with a pattern of abuse and misconduct, which was an Obama administration priority.”

  • “Increase federal funding for body cameras.”


Voting Rights

John Delaney addresses voting rights in his “Fixing Our Broken Politics” plan. His plan will:

  • “Make Election Day a federal holiday so workers have time to vote.”

  • “Require that states with a history of violating voting rights get approval from the Department of Justice before making any changes to election procedures or voting requirements.”

Delaney addresses voting rights in his Criminal Justice Reform plan, which will “automatically restore voting rights after a sentence has been served.”

Access to Voter Registration

John Delaney addresses voter registration in his “Fixing Our Broken Politics” plan. His plan will ”support automatic voter registration and same day registration.”


John Delaney addresses gerrymandering in his “Fixing Our Broken Politics” plan, which will “prohibit gerrymandering and require states to establish independent commissions to draw Congressional district boundaries.”

Census 2020

John Delaney’s campaign platform does not address the 2020 census. However, he discusses it on Twitter:

  • “Mitch McConnell should stop enabling the President and stand up to him and defend the Constitution. The Court was very clear in its ruling, the citizenship question will not be on the 2020 Census, any efforts to usurp their authority should be met by swift action from Congress.” — 9:23 AM · Jul 11, 2019