At EPU, we know there is a great need to celebrate what we have in common in our communities, exploring what makes us unique and asking the tough questions about the racial divisions that exist just below the surface no matter where we live. When we embrace our shared beliefs, we see and respect each other differently; we act differently; and we can all thrive equitably.

That’s why we’re engaging in Instagram Live conversations in our new series, Listening Loudly. Throughout the series, our founder Mitch Landrieu will participate in conversations of varying topics on Instagram Live with guests who will share their personal stories and life experiences through the lens of race. Our guests will come from all walks of life: a trendsetting influencer on Instagram, an athlete, a small-town business owner, or an international celebrity with Southern roots. Each guest will share their influences and challenges, and will talk about issues like race, class, privilege and power.


Watch our first conversation featuring

NBA Player Natasha Cloud

Watch our second conversation

featuring Journalist and Author Brooke Baldwin