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Truth & Healing: A Call to Action

Racism remains this nation’s Achilles’ heel. If we do not face it and fix it, we will continue to suffer. We have a long way to go to fulfill America’s promise of justice and equal opportunity for every American. To get closer to fulfilling that aspiration, we first need a consensus about the history of racism in the U.S. and the effect it still has today.  Facing our nation’s dark truths is the first step towards healing. 

Join us as we explore how formal Truth & Healing models can be implemented in the U.S.

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Special Virtual Message From

Barbara Lee headshot

Barbara Lee

U.S. Rep. Barbara Lee, D-California

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Why Truth Matters

Leading voices in the Truth and Healing movement on why this issue matters and why the South should be leading the nation.

Mitch Landrieu

Founder, EPU

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Dr. Gail C. Christopher, D.N.

Gail Christopher

Truth & Healing Leader and Equity Champion

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Dr. Marcus Hunter

UCLA Professor and Co-author of “United States Commission on Truth, Racial Healing, and Transformation”

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Faith Conversation

The role of the church in advancing conversations on race in America and how faith can inform our pathway towards racial healing.
Moderator: Donnie Charleston

Donnie Charleston Headshot

Donnie Charleston

Director, Policy & Advocacy for EPU

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Robert Jones, Ph.D. Headshot

Robert Jones

CEO, Public Religion Research Institute

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Jim Wallis Headshot

Reverend Jim Wallis

Chair and Director, Center on Faith and Justice, Georgetown University

Truth in Action

Lessons learned and stories from those who have led the charge.
Moderator: Margaret Huang


Margaret Huang Headshot

Margaret Huang

President, Southern Poverty Law Center

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Ainka Jackson headshot

Ainka Jackson

Executive Director, Selma Center for Nonviolence

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Jennifer Roberts Headshot

Jennifer Roberts

Commissioner, Reimagining America
Former Charlotte Mayor

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Daniel Schwartz headshot

Daniel Schwartz

Executive Director, Faith in Action Alabama

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Neddie Winters Headshot

Neddie Winters

President, Mission Mississippi

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Interested in advancing Truth & Healing in your community?

EPU has developed a number of resources for you. We hope that these assets are useful tools as we work together to heal and create a more equitable South.

Truth & Healing Resources