Presented by: E Pluribus Unum

The Power of Motherhood

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

4:30 pm ET/3:30 pm CT

One way or another, we all have a mother – but our experiences as mothers and children are as unique as we are, making the concept of “motherhood” both universal and deeply individual.  How can we tap into the profound resonance of motherhood in our work toward racial justice?  What obligations do white mothers (and fathers) have to raise anti-racist children? And how can we draw on the powerful role of mothers as educators and behavior models?

Featuring Nefertiti Austin and Dr. Margaret Hagerman moderated by Dr. Megan Underhill, this conversation will broaden our perspective on motherhood in America and deepen our understanding of the role parents play in movements for racial justice.

Megan R. Underhill, Ph.D.


Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of North Carolina Asheville

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Nefertiti Austin

Author and Memoirist
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Margaret A. Hagerman, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Sociology, Mississippi State University

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Mitch Landrieu

Founder and President, E Pluribus Unum
Former Mayor of New Orleans

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Conversations for an Equitable South will bring together some of our country’s great thinkers, activists, advocates, and leaders on the issues of race and equity in the American South. These conversations will provide a space to discuss the lasting impact racism has had on people and institutions and, as a result, will inspire action with the intention of creating racial equity within our communities.