The Racial Colorblindness Series

In one segment of our Conversations for an Equitable South series, we focused on the many lies we tell ourselves about race and racism. Beginning in April 2021, this multi-conversation series provides a space to discuss the lasting impact racism has had on people and institutions with the intention of inspiring action toward creating racial equity within our communities.

Watch the conversation from the Racial Colorblindness Series below.


The Fallacy of Racial Colorblindness

April 7, 2021

On both individual and community levels, there are many lies we tell ourselves about race and racism. Moving toward reconciliation means we have to be honest with ourselves.

In this conversation, we explore what people really mean when they say they “don’t see color” and how we can express our genuine desire to be free from racial prejudice without denying the realities in front of us.

Can a person ever truly be “colorblind” when it comes to the complex issues of racism and bias? How is it harmful to claim to “not see color?” What if “seeing color” isn’t actually a bad thing, and pretending to be colorblind actually blinds us to the power and beauty of the diversity around us?

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