We Are Better Together

Race remains our nation’s most traumatic issue and the issue that no one wants to address, even though it permeates almost every aspect of society. Because race can be uncomfortable to discuss, too many people in our country lack an understanding of the scale of racism and how it permeates today’s institutions. The racial equity gap keeps us divided and prevents us from moving forward together. 

What is racial equity?

Advancing racial equity ensures that everyone has a pathway to prosperity and a fair shot at success.  We recognize that factors like demographic, social, economic, and geographic status play roles in equitable outcomes as does someone’s race. We define racial equity as the fair opportunity for everyone to attain their full potential regardless of demographic, social, economic, or geographic status.

Why social justice?

We are better together. We all deserve equal economic and political rights and opportunities. Working to further social justice is at the heart of E Pluribus Unum’s mission. And, the COVID-19 pandemic and racial reckoning of 2020 have magnified the injustices Black Americans face across the country—especially in the South.

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