Sujit CanagaRetna

Sujit CanagaRetna carried out policy work tracking fiscal and economic trends for The Council of State Governments’ (CSG) Southern Office, the Southern Legislative Conference (SLC) in Atlanta, Georgia for nearly 20 years.  Prior to that, he worked at the New York City Comptroller’s Office for over five years.  After leaving CSG/SLC, Sujit began volunteering at organizations focused on helping refugees and new immigrants; reading to the blind and visually-impaired; preparing food for those with early stages of dementia; and, delivering groceries to the elderly and indigent.  He also works as a poll worker for the Cobb County (Georgia) Board of Elections.  Sujit has a Bachelor of Arts (BA) from Bennington College in Vermont and a Master of Public Administration (MPA) and a Master of International Affairs (MIA) from the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University in New York.