2020 Policy Tracker: Opportunity

Transportation Access


Joe Biden

Joe Biden addresses transportation access in “The Biden Plan to Invest in Middle Class Competitiveness”. His plan will:

  • “[Invest] in rebuilding and connecting historically underserved areas to better transportation options and “will make sure that our highway, road, transit, and air systems never again divide us.”

  • “Emphasize a robust public engagement process in planning all new transportation projects.”

  • “Create a new Community Restoration Fund, specifically for neighborhoods where historic transportation investments cut people off from jobs, schools, and businesses.”

  • “Boost federal investments in those neighborhoods to ensure that every American has access to clean drinking water, well-paved roads, high-speed broadband, safe schools, and affordable housing.” 

  • “Dedicate an additional $10 billion over 10 years specifically for transit projects that serve high-poverty areas with limited transportation options.”

Additionally, In his “Build Back Better” plan, Biden will:

  • “In Black and Brown communities the federal government will provide state, tribal, and local governments with resources to:

    • Rebuild the thoroughfares and main arteries;

    • Redo the lighting and streetscaping;

    • Repair and build new sidewalks;

    • Create funding for demolition of blighted properties and empty commercial spaces;

    • Build parks and invest in the infrastructure that prevents fires;

    • Update and add air conditioners for elementary, middle and high schools;

    • Invest in facilities where victims of crime can access, health navigators, mental health, addiction and trauma recovery services;

    • Incentivize supermarkets to bring healthy fresh foods to communities;

    • Ensure all public infrastructure is fully accessible and integrated.”


Donald Trump

Donald Trump addresses transportation access on his “Infrastructure” issue page. It states:

  • He “allocated $50 billion to empower rural America to address the infrastructure needs of their communities.”

  • “Funds provided under the president’s proposal will go directly to the governor’s office of the state receiving funds allowing governors to make investments based on the individual infrastructure needs of their communities.”