Presented by: E Pluribus Unum

Why White Women – Why Now?

Wednesday, March 31, 2021
4:30pm ET/ 3:30 pm CT

In our public discourse on racism and white supremacy, the focus often rests first on the actions of white men. But, what about the role of white women? History and present-day show us that the role of white women has been complex at best and complicit at worst.

Today white women represent an enormous amount of power in our society and communities – from voting to purchasing power to educating future generations of Americans. What would it look like if white women fully and authentically engaged in the fight for racial justice?

Watch the whole conversation below.

Jenna Arnold Headshot

Jenna Arnold

Author, Raising Our Hands
National Organizer, Women’s March
Education and Media Specialist, United Nations

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Mitch Landrieu

Founder and President, E Pluribus Unum

Former Mayor of New Orleans
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