As we move through the phases of response and recovery of the COVID-19 pandemic, EPU is committed to helping our friends and partners get through this unprecedented time. To be of service to our community, EPU will send out a weekly newsletter that will include resources available to those facing new challenges during this time and other information pertinent to this pandemic and our ongoing work. You can stay connected with us by visiting our social media channels or by contacting us at

Stay Safe. Stay Hopeful. Stand Together.

Mitch Landrieu
Founder and President


Elections: Southern Primary Postponements

  • Alabama’s primary runoff is postponed to July 14.

  • Georgia’s primary is postponed to May 19.

  • Kentucky’s statewide primary is postponed to June 23.

  • Louisiana’s primary is postponed to June 20.

  • Mississippi’s 2nd Congressional District Republican primary runoff is postponed to June 23.

  • North Carolina’s 11th Congressional District Republican primary runoff is postponed to June 23.

  • Texas’s primary runoff elections are postponed to July 14.

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Recent News & Commentary

POLITICO: Coronavirus Will Change the World Permanently. Here’s How.
A crisis on this scale can reorder society in dramatic ways, for better or worse. Here are 34 big thinkers’ predictions for what’s to come.

Forbes: E Pluribus Unum: Shared Sacrifice Will Be Needed to Beat Coronavirus Says Documentarian Ken Burns
America’s preeminent historical filmmaker looks back on our country’s greatest challenges and sees a common thread in overcoming them: A willingness to submit to the collective good. Out of many, one.

NBC News: Black doctors face added burden in outbreak: Patient trust
Many African Americans, citing the Tuskegee study, don’t believe treatment will be equitably available. That can be deadly in a pandemic.

NBC News: Coronavirus cripples voter registration efforts. Millions could be denied.
Presidential elections are typically prime time for bringing new people into the political process, but the coronavirus pandemic is making voter registration more difficult than ever.


Home Schooling? Here’s some resources for remote learning. 
The Emerson Collective provides at-home learning and other resources for students, families and educators to use in the coming weeks.

Feeling overwhelmed? Or need someone to listen and problem solve? Text the Crisis Text Line
Text from anywhere in the USA to connect with a trained Crisis Counselor, a real-life human being trained to bring texters from a hot moment to a cool calm through active listening and collaborative problem solving.

COVID-19: Local Action Tracker 
The National League of Cities and Bloomberg Philanthropies have teamed up to collect and share actions taken by local leaders in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. They highlight and uplift the efforts of local leaders to ensure mayors, city leaders and other local decision makers have the information they need to lead their communities through this time.

John Hopkins University Coronavirus Resource Center
Use Johns Hopkins’ interactive dashboard and map to track cases of the virus around the world in real time.